Visit to Central Bali

      D eparture from the hotel at 10.30 am..

      • Visit to the traditional village of Penglipuran. You can explore the Balinese way of life from the past. The village has preserved its original structure and architecture.
      • Visit to the Pura Kehen Temple in Bangli. Far from the crowds, you will discover the tranquility and mystique of this temple.
      • Exploration of the Goa Raja Waterfall, also known as the "royal cave."
      • Dinner at the traditional Gianyar market. You can taste many specialties, including the famous "babi guling" (roast pork).

      Return to the hotel around 8:30 pm.

      To know the rates and book this activity (even if you are not a guest of the hotel), please send us an email to

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