Balinese Wedding

      B y renewing your wedding vows with your spouse in Bali and get back the thrill of the first day!
      Live an unforgettable human experience, as close as possible to the people of Bali and enjoy an extraordinary moment, a real immersion in the ancestral Balinese traditions !

      This ceremony is a typical Balinese blessing during which a mangku, a Balinese priest, will pray to the Gods to bring happiness and longevity to your union.
      Offerings, flowers, fruits, the subtle scent of incense ... You will take advantage of this precious moment to renew your vows and you will take the time, as the Balinese do, to focus on your union and offer your couple a magical moment.

      Sequence of events for the day. In the morning, departure by car from your hotel to the village Tri Eka Bhuana, towards Sidemen.
      Upon arrival at the Beji Temple of Dukuh, a purification ritual will take place in the sacred spring and will be followed by a blessing in the temple.
      You will then be escorted to a traditional Balinese house, where the following rituals will take place:

    • Purification ceremony "Mesegehan", at the entrance of the house.
    • Ceremony "Semara Rati" addressed to the god of love, in the room prepared for the bride and groom.
    • "Meboreh Kunyit", symbolic ceremony to purify the body, with turmeric.
    • Ceremony to cleanse the body in the bathroom.
    • "Mepayas/Merias", bride preparation (costumes and makeup).
    • "Byakala" offerings to purify your couple spiritually, followed by "Prayasita" offerings to purify the body and soul, and finally sacred grains of rice will be placed on your foreheads in the hope of bringing fertility, prosperity and happiness to your couple.

    • Once the ceremony is over, a photo session with the Masters of Ceremonies and the couple (and family and friends) will take place. Finally, a typical Balinese lunch will be offered to the married couple and their family/friends.

      The price includes: transportation in an air-conditioned car and fuel, the driver and his English/French speaking guide services, purification and wedding outfits, all decorations, standard hair and make-up, offerings, priest and assistant team, lunch and drinks, photographer.

      Additional information for costumes/tenues :

      1. For purification:

    • a black sarong.
    • a black and white belt.
    • a white shirt.
    • a turban (udeng).
    • Woman:
    • a yellow sarong.
    • a yellow belt.
    • A long-sleeved shirt (kebaya).

    • 2. For the wedding:

    • a black sarong or batik.
    • a yellow saput.
    • a white shirt.
    • a yellow belt.
    • a white udeng (turban).
    • Woman:
    • a yellow sarong / batik.
    • a yellow belt.
    • a white kebaya.
    • a bun with golden flowers.

    • To know the rates and book this activity (even if you are not a guest of the hotel), please send us an email to

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